Growing Your Company Into a Global Powerhouse

Winning the Global Talent War

There are 400,000 jobs for recruiters advertised on LinkedIn – roughly the same number of job openings for software engineers. Rapidly growing companies, in particular, feel the pressure to get their recruitment right.

In this episode of Winning the Global Talent War, I speak with Anna Brandt, co-founder of Invested. Anna is a truly global talent leader and is among the most respected HR leaders in the European tech industry. Previously she helped scale fast-growing organizations such as Uber, Zalando, N26, and Mollie. At her new venture co-founded with Noor van Boven, Invested, Anna focuses on growing sustainable businesses with real impact.

Tune in and find out
🌏 How to prepare your company for hypergrowth and smart global recruiting
🌍 The importance of employee wellbeing and benefits to attracting talent
🌎 The best time to start building your employer brand

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