Labor Mobility #25

For Migrants in Russia, Virus Means No Money to Live and No Way to Leave.

For Migrants in Russia, Virus Means No Money to Live and No Way to Leave. 

Ivan Nechepurenko | The New York Times | June 15, 2020

The coronavirus has highlighted migrants' inferior status in Russia. With no jobs, and sometimes no health care, many want to go home — but find they can't.

Migration to Advanced Economies Can Raise Growth. 

Philipp Engler, Margaux MacDonald, Roberto Piazza, and Galen Sher | International Monetary Fund | June 19, 2020

IMF economists analyzed the economic impact of migration on recipient countries and find that migration increases output and productivity in host countries.

COVID-19: The Impact on Labor Migration Policy in Europe. 

Jonathan Romley | Lundi | June 19, 2020

Labor migration powers the global economy and is vital to the growth and development of Central Europe. A new exodus is gathering momentum.

Bill on Protection of Labor Migrants Passes First Reading in Ukraine's Parliament.

Ukrainian Independent Information Agency | June 17, 2020

The bill stipulates that employers must pay all recruitment fees and ends licensing of work abroad agencies. In its place is a Philippines-style system requiring declarations by foreign employers to a state agency.

The Case for Labor Recruitment Reform. 

Jeff Bond | The Council on Foreign Relations | June 10, 2020

Legacy technologies and processes, informal operators, sparse data, little automation, low transparency, and pervasive corruption typify the current systems. We can work now to reform and improve migrant labor recruitment systems.