Labor Mobility #66

Poland sets its sights on Asian workers

China’s Aging Demographics Will Impact its Economy.

Blu Putnam | The Street | March 31, 2021

Demographics have a serious impact on economies, the Chinese one included. Although Beijing has rescinded its one-child policy, the state’s population has significantly aged, with the birth rates remaining exceptionally low. According to the estimates of economists, the growing labor shortage will start to affect its behemoth economy already this decade. The gradual end of rural to urban migration will further complicate the situation.

Global Vaccination Is Vital for the World Economy.

Olivier Blanchard, Jean Pisani-Ferry | Project Syndicate | March 31, 2021

Although developed countries continue to vaccinate their population, freedom of movement around the world is yet to be restored. Low vaccination rates in multiple developing countries are to blame, prompting the vaccinated rich to tighten border controls with the unvaccinated poor. Since migrant workers are among the chief losers, it is vital that all people around the globe get a jab.

Polish Employers to Employ More Asian Workers.

Interia | March 12, 2021

In 2020, Poland issued more than 64 thousand work permits to economic migrants from 40 Asian countries. Chief among them are Georgia and India. While compared to the pre-pandemic years, the overall number of work permits issued fell, experts predict that local employers will continue to attract workers from Asian states. More so, since Asian workers are still willing to work in Poland while their Ukrainian counterparts are now less allured by the Polish labor market.

Trump’s Immigration Policies Harmed American Economy.

Stuart Anderson | Forbes | April 1, 2021

Donald Trump’s hostile stance toward immigration has harmed the long-term economic growth of the U.S. As a result of his administration’s policies that, among other things, led to increased denial rates of H1-B appeals, high-skilled foreign nationals have left the country. Meanwhile, American employers were dissuaded from attracting foreign-born scientists and engineers. All these circumstances will ultimately affect the country's productivity growth. 

Canada Is Betting on Immigration to Restore its Economy.

Kim Mackrael, Alice Uribe | The Wall Street Journal | March 30, 2021

In a bid to boost the country’s economic recovery from the pandemic’s ramifications, Ottawa is willing to accelerate immigration. Over the next three years, it is planning to attract thousands of economic migrants from around the globe. Since current border restrictions could hamper the country’s ambition to implement the plan quickly, Canadian authorities are also willing to draw on residents already in Canada on a temporary basis.