Winning the Global Talent War

Hiring Top Talent for a High-growth Company

90 million job vacancies – that's how many there are in the Western world right now, more than ever before.

The economic loss of businesses’ inability to fill open positions amounts to a staggering 10 trillion dollars.

At the same time, 1.5 billion knowledge workers are joining the job market, mainly from emerging economies.

The solution: we need to create global labor mobility that is virtual and borderless.

This will unleash economic growth and offer opportunities for employees around the world. But the democratization of opportunity comes with many challenges. 

In the first episode of Winning the Global Talent War, I speak with Tony Jamous, CEO and founder of Oyster. Tony is a truly global entrepreneur, who experienced the trials and tribulations of relocating for better opportunities.

Taking all the experience he gained while scaling his previous company Nexmo, Tony is on a mission to create a more equal world with Oyster.

Tune in and find out

🌍 The biggest challenges in finding and retaining talent for a rapidly scaling company
🌎 How to lift employee wellbeing in a distributed workforce 
🌏 Tony’s views on the changes in recruiting and leadership in the next 5 years

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